Friday, June 3, 2011



I updated my weight goals ---> (see the side bar on the right)

I have a new weight loss idea. Again... I know. My "under 1000 calories" trick was working, but I felt dizzy and awful and my concentration was nil. So for the entire month of June, my plan is....

1. Acceptable calorie range is 800-1200.
2. Exercise or some form of activity required daily (even just 5 minutes counts).
3. Record weight, calories, activities, and brief food log daily (when able).

It's June 3rd today, so I'm on Day Three. Funny how that works!

June 1 - 189.8 lbs / 1045 cals / Lifted 10-lb weights sporadically while watching tv.
June 2 - 188.0 lbs / 1250 cals / Moved to music for 10+ minutes
June 3 - 187.2 lbs / ~1400 cals / Lifted 10-lb weights while watching tv

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