Friday, June 3, 2011

When life gives you lemons...

... chew gum!

Here's my current favorite Thinspo - it's Ballet themed.

And a little Japanese lesson for you... "kirei desu ne" means... "she's beautiful".



I updated my weight goals ---> (see the side bar on the right)

I have a new weight loss idea. Again... I know. My "under 1000 calories" trick was working, but I felt dizzy and awful and my concentration was nil. So for the entire month of June, my plan is....

1. Acceptable calorie range is 800-1200.
2. Exercise or some form of activity required daily (even just 5 minutes counts).
3. Record weight, calories, activities, and brief food log daily (when able).

It's June 3rd today, so I'm on Day Three. Funny how that works!

June 1 - 189.8 lbs / 1045 cals / Lifted 10-lb weights sporadically while watching tv.
June 2 - 188.0 lbs / 1250 cals / Moved to music for 10+ minutes
June 3 - 187.2 lbs / ~1400 cals / Lifted 10-lb weights while watching tv

20 Calories or Less

This ridiculous little list is organized as quantity/food name/(calories).This is what happens when I have free time....

Foods for 20 calories or less:
1 Junior Mint (10)
1 Mike and Ike (6)
1 Life Saver (11)
1 Sugar Free Life Saver (7.5)
1 Sugar Free Popsicle (usually 15)
3 Altoid mints (10)
1 Candy Corn (7)
1 Gum Drop (15)
1 Gummy Worm (10)
1 Hard Candy (usually 20)
1 Jelly Belly (4)
1 Lemonhead (5)
1 Red Vine (20)
1 Creme Saver (20)
1 Milk Chocolate M&M (5)
1 Mento (10)
1 Milk Dud (13)
1 Tic Tac (2)
1 Starburst (20)

1 (1 oz., small) Apricot (17)

20 Blueberries (15)
1 oz. Cantaloupe (10)
4 Sweet Cherries (15)
1 Raspberry (1)
6 medium or 3 large Strawberries (20)
1 (3 oz., small) Tomato (15)
1 Grape Tomato (2)
5 Watermelon balls (18)
1 Dried Apple Ring (16)
1 medium Prune (16)
1 Maraschino Cherry (8)

3 medium spears Asparagus (10)
1/2 c. cooked Bamboo Shoots (7)
1 four-inch Green Bean (2)
2 Brussels Sprouts (15)
1 c. shredded Cabbage (15)
3 Baby Carrots (10)
4 thin sticks Celery (5)
1/3 c. cooked Collards (17)
1/3 of a Cucumber (15)
1 large raw Mushroom (5)
1/2 Bell Pepper (15)

1 Large Black or Green Olive (6)
1 small, plain Wafer Cone (20)
1 Tbsp. or packet Ketchup (15)
1 Dill Pickle Spear (5 or less)
1 Fat-free Slice Bologna (20)
1 Potato Chip (8 on average)
1 two-inch Pretzel Stick (6)
1 tsp. Jelly (15-18)
1 tsp. Sugar Free Jelly (4-8)
Coughdrops (0-15; 40 each for ones with honey)
1 French Fry (usually 10)
1 Tbsp. Whipped Cream (10)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

update & low-cal opinions

Yesterday... My expected calories was 555, finished the day at 560. Sweet, right? Had 84 oz. of liquids also - which probably sparked my water PSA... realized I get fooled by "water weight fears" too much, yet I eat fewer real calories when hydrated.

Today... weighed in at 187.2 (down 1.8 from yesterday). Consumed 900 calories even. And took measurements this morning in inches... waist 39 / hip 44 / bust 39. Well... at least it's better than it was...

So my current thing is an easy "under 1000 calories" goal. I'm really liking it. It's not stressful, I generally succeed, and I've had some 600-800 calorie days. It's really manageable. I can eat 200 calories in the morning, an optional 200-300 late afternoon, and up to a 500 dinner, and end up with 1000 max, and very easily less. Also tho it might be too early to say, my metabolism hasn't stalled out yet. And, tho I get that good powerful hunger, it's not so bad that I'm finding myself stuffing crackers in my face at three in the morning. Having a loose 1000 max rule allows major control.

I've also let up on the exercise ideas. I've never been a great athlete. I'm satisfied walking extra during the day and lifting weights...often in bed! I know, that sounds horridly lazy, but... I am! I'm a lazy fatso, so for me, it's perfectly acceptable! :)

So here's the puzzler... I'm coming up on some alone-time (3 days, Sat-Mon). So I want to stretch myself. I've had seven under 1000 days. I don't think I could fast, because it makes me goofy, and I do need to focus. My lowest calorie day was yesterday at 560... I think I'll try for 500 a day max, just for the three days - then return to the 1000. It's weird timing, but seems too good an opportunity to pass up. Any thoughts?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

new guidelines/goals & water

Yesterday.... 5/23: 191 lbs, 648 calories, some arm exercises with 10-lb weights.

Today: 189 lbs this morning. At 415 calories so far, and I'm expecting 555 total for today, assuming I don't mess up. I've got a group to go to and there is always loads of tempting finger foods. "Just one?"

My tentative goal for the end of May, which I'm still on track for despite some screw ups is... 186.2 lbs. I know, very...precise. (It's an average 0.4 lb loss per day).

Here's the current guidelines I've set for myself:
- Maintain less than 1000 calories consumed per day.
- Exercise when able. Weights are easy to do.
- Faster loss = more Summer glam
- Write down weights, calories when able.
- Don't be afraid to go to bed hungry.

(**Public Service Announcement**) Now... any of ya'll reading this - the weather is getting warmer, dehydration is no joke. The easiest way to screw up your body (and get found out) is to get sick or faint from dehydration. Water weight doesn't count. Stay equally hydrated day-to-day and drinking won't affect the number on the scale. True weight loss is from fat, not from water.

Stay happy.

Monday, May 23, 2011

long time no write

Ok... so it's been a long time, right?

Lotta ups, lotta downs, in every way imaginable.

In the last couple weeks I've been doing this thing again.

Here's deal (or at least what I have written down):

Day 0- 194 lbs, ? cals, 5 mile walk
Day 1- 878 cals, 2 hrs cleaning
Day 2- 191.4 lbs, 1001 cals
Day 3- 191 lbs, 945 cals
Day 4- 189.8 lbs, 883 cals, 1.5 hrs lite cleaning
Day 5 FAIL- 189.6 lbs, 2688 cals, slept all day NOT hungry...
Round 2:
Day 1 FAIL- 190.6 lbs, 1355 cals
Round 3:
Day 1- today

So the goal is to stay under 1000 calories, if I go like 10 over, that's okay - but any more and I have to start over. I'm good at competing with myself... and I want consecutive wins! So far Round 1, my 4 day streak is my best. Exercise doesn't matter at this point.

This morning I was 191 lbs. So far today I have had...
1 mint coffee with splenda - 10 cals (I count 8 oz. coffee as 5 cals)
1 coffee with splenda and 1/4 c. plain soymilk - 33 cals

So 43 cals at 5pm.

I have had 32 oz. of zero calorie flavored water also.

I'll let ya know how it totals tonight.

(I get online when I can - I often post on some of your blogs as "anonymous" which I don't like doing, but logging on at all, both for my blog and to comment is risky... that's why I don't post as much as I'd like.)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

happy dance

I'm under 195!

Which may seem awfully high to most of you, but it's about a 30-lb loss for me.

some tips

For cravings:
1. Keep an index card or slip of paper with you at all times. When you avoid a food craving, put a check mark on the card. Can also get a prize at x number of checks. Wanting to eat something you shouldn't? See how many (or few) checks you have.

2. Get a jar, like an old pickle jar. If you eat something with a wrapper (candy, gum, food, even drink mixes and sugar substitute packets) put the wrapper in the jar. Empty the jar weekly. This way at any one point, you can see all the processed foods you've eaten in that week.

For sleep:
1. Don't take a hot bath right before bed - higher body temp makes it harder to fall asleep.
2. Stretch a little - like gentle yoga moves - before bed.
3. Turn off the computer, TV.
4. Cut down on the caffeine/alcohol - no caf after 4pm is good usually.
5. Eat a little protein and some carbs before bed. example: banana & cottage cheese or yogurt, a graham cracker with peanut butter. A bite of food is better than no sleep.

For exercise:
1. 30 minutes of walking = three 10-minute walks. Three 10-minute sprints burns more cals than one 30 minute walk at consistent pace.
2. Lift weights if you have them, or do body weight exercise like pushups, planks, yoga moves, lunges, jump rope, or dancing.

For food:
1. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it jumpstarts your metabolism. For good breakfasts light on calories... 

1 clementine (35 cal) good for vitamin C and fiber, 1 slice wheat toast with 1 tsp peanut butter (~95 cal), 6 oz. skim milk or soy milk (~70 cal) = 200 cal.

1/3 cup oatmeal cooked with water (100 cal), 1/2 c. milk or soy milk (50 cal), 3 large strawberries or 25 blueberries (20 cal) = 170 cal. Fiber in oats and protein in milk keeps me full for at least 4 hours. If I get binge-y, this is what I go for - hard to binge on oats, ya know?

Friday, April 1, 2011

there's nothing inside her... as if.

Thanks for the last batch of comments. It's been a while, hasn't it?

Let's jump right in...

calories for friday:
breakfast- oats & soymilk & sugar - 450
lunch- gum x2 - 10
dinner- veg burger & fries & diet pop - 660
total: 1120 cals

Perfect. Now just do it again with less fat and sugar.

My goal: between 1000-1400 cals/day
+ exercise

fat girl + beach = oxymoron

Let's have an oxymoron-free summer!

My current favorite random youtube video...

Thursday, February 3, 2011


So....random day......

accidentally told my therapist about my "strange eating" habits.... T got a bit stressed out... T happens to be eating disorder specialist in addition to other things...we've discussed ED type things before.....but I've always denied. then today i bring it up. now its like... why the hell did i do that?!? whoops...

so recently... blacked out for like 10 mins and then showered and lost a couple handfuls of hair.

and now... cause i blabbed, I'm to keep a food log and bring it in. I told T... I said "I'll lie on it" and T just said "don't".

so I wrote down my foods and cals for the day and it was a high number (1550 cals) and I got a little freakish and just took laxs for the 1st time in a long time.

so now its like... aw crap.
Literally, crap.