Monday, May 31, 2010

any ideas?

1st of June tomorrow and I've no weight loss related plans or goals. What are ya'll doing in June?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

57 tips

(When you want to eat but "shouldn't")


  1. imagine what you'll look like at your goal
  2. make a to-do list
  3. clean out files, or school papers, or a desk, or junk drawer
  4. plan a dream trip or romantic encounter -- even if it's not practical
  5. leave the house -- go for a non-exercise walk or somewhere without food
  6. daydream
  7. read a book
  8. exercise (only if not fatigued or dizzy, etc)
  9. take a short nap
  10. drink water. add lemon or drink tea if craving no calorie/sodium flavor.
  11. if it's a late night craving -- go to bed. make a rule that you cannot leave the bed.
  12. blog publicly or journal privately
  13. find a hobby - i like beading, it's cheap, easy, can be mindless, and might make something pretty!
  14. get paper, glue and magazines. make a collage.
  15. do your nails
  16. clean something dirty -- toilet, a pets cage
  17. write a letter to your hunger/stomach
  18. surf the web
  19. make and remake weight goals
  20. rub lotion over entire body
  21. brush your teeth
  22. chew gum -- but only if it doesn't make cravings worse!
  23. take a few deep breaths
  24. watch some television
  25. play with a pet
  26. go someplace fun where food isn't allowed (library, museum)
  27. look at own pics at highest weight
  28. take a shower
  29. try a new hairstyle or makeup tip
  30. count coins - depending how many you have it may take a while, and filthy coins leave fingers smelling gross and metallic
  31. do a few sit-ups or squats
  32. turn on some music and dance a bit
  33. call a friend
  34. write about a recent accomplishment, refer to it when feeling down, or bingey
  35. arrange photos in an album (real or online) or scrapbook
  36. go thru a old yearbook and look at the people who "were better"
  37. play a board game or sport with kids (siblings, nephew/niece) or friends
  38. tear paper into little bits, the smaller the bits the better. count the bits.
  39. try on clothes, a swimsuit
  40. wash your car, if you have one
  41. take a warm bath
  42. start a holiday/birthday shopping list
  43. check your email, usual website haunts
  44. create a mantra
  45. start a project
  46. do homework, or study any topic - even if not in school
  47. try meditation
  48. play solitaire
  49. sew a throw pillow - especially good if you do not already know how to sew!
  50. spritz on a body mist or light scented candles
  51. progressive relaxation -- tighten and release muscles
  52. organize big things (closet, room) or small things (knickknacks, bookshelf)
  53. dust a room, or a house!
  54. do gardening, sweeping, or other outside work
  55. stretch
  56. get crayons and a coloring book...
  57. fix something that is broken
**If nothing works and you feel awful and hungry and out of control, maybe you really should eat something. A slight set-back one day, must be better than a giant binge-fest!

i have a lot of curves....

Since I'll never post a real picture of myself, here's a visual aid.

fat stats : )

As of today...

Measurements in inches:

Waist - 43
Hip - 49
Thighs - 46
1 Thigh - 29
Chest - 43
Upper Arm - ~15-16

Weight.... uhhh.... let's put this in the silliest terms.
100,607 grams
0.1006 ton


back and fatter than ever!

It's been a long time, huh? I'm back to the weight I was when I first started this blog. Depressing... I'm trying a new angle on this weight loss thing. Healthy eating and exercise. riiiight....

Here's the logic: I'm HUGE. I live in a family of people who like to eat big quantities, often. We're all me using that as an just wouldn't work. I've gotten cornered into therapy -- with a guy who happens to have ed training... ummm coincidence? or maybe paranoia on my part. :(

I'm still counting calories. Getting about 1200 per day + a wee bit of exercise. Figure I'll up the exercise and see if I can lose some. Seems only time I "lose" weight is day after laxies. And that's not really lost weight, ya know?

So PLAN? Honestly...I dunno. Guess I'll try to steal a moment to log on now and then and post... weight? measurements? Gosh, haven't measured myself in forever! I did get some calipers a.k.a torture devices tho. So I'll break out the calipers, measuring tape, scales and notebooks and bmi charts and.... post.

Blogs ~ I've been reading Jo's blog and Poker face and a handful of others now and then. Haven't commented - haven't been able to log onto google...stupid lost password... But hey, maybe I'll be able to get a few words in here and there.

Youtube.... anyone watch "those" videos on youtube? Anyone have the experience of someone borrowing your computer... clicking into youtube... and seeing the incriminating "videos recommended for you"?

That's it for now - it's late at night here - so maybe I'll post again in the AM?