Sunday, November 1, 2009


I'm back! Back from where, you ask? Well... last I posted, I'd decided to go offline for a bit. Then I got sick. Then I had 2 trips to the emergency room. Then I ended up inpatient at a general psychiatric facility...for about a month. And now I'm sick again. Still sick and achy and crap. As for the weight's crap. At the psych hospital -- it's not for screwed up eating ppl or anything, but they weigh you every week AND they watch how much you eat AND if they decide you're not eating enough you're basically force fed doritos and Boost in addition to regular meals AND there's no way to exercise cause you're on this tiny little unit. So I went the complete opposite of the "dieting" thing. I ate chips and juice and cereal and milk and every single meal. Sooo... you can imagine how my weight is. Let's put it this way, I'm stuck wearing sweatpants for a while. ughghghghgh...

Ana's Girl & Vee, I've been keeping up with ya'll's blogs even though I haven't been posting/commenting.

Ana's Girl - love the progress/dedication you have now! hate the cutting :)

Vee - dang! your current internet situation + aunts + broken into house + .....

I'll be doing some catching up blog reading! I'll try to comment, but often when I'm reading a blog, I'm not logged into google. And I don't stay logged in cause I don't want anyone to get on my compy and find this blog!


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