Tuesday, May 25, 2010

57 tips

(When you want to eat but "shouldn't")


  1. imagine what you'll look like at your goal
  2. make a to-do list
  3. clean out files, or school papers, or a desk, or junk drawer
  4. plan a dream trip or romantic encounter -- even if it's not practical
  5. leave the house -- go for a non-exercise walk or somewhere without food
  6. daydream
  7. read a book
  8. exercise (only if not fatigued or dizzy, etc)
  9. take a short nap
  10. drink water. add lemon or drink tea if craving no calorie/sodium flavor.
  11. if it's a late night craving -- go to bed. make a rule that you cannot leave the bed.
  12. blog publicly or journal privately
  13. find a hobby - i like beading, it's cheap, easy, can be mindless, and might make something pretty!
  14. get paper, glue and magazines. make a collage.
  15. do your nails
  16. clean something dirty -- toilet, a pets cage
  17. write a letter to your hunger/stomach
  18. surf the web
  19. make and remake weight goals
  20. rub lotion over entire body
  21. brush your teeth
  22. chew gum -- but only if it doesn't make cravings worse!
  23. take a few deep breaths
  24. watch some television
  25. play with a pet
  26. go someplace fun where food isn't allowed (library, museum)
  27. look at own pics at highest weight
  28. take a shower
  29. try a new hairstyle or makeup tip
  30. count coins - depending how many you have it may take a while, and filthy coins leave fingers smelling gross and metallic
  31. do a few sit-ups or squats
  32. turn on some music and dance a bit
  33. call a friend
  34. write about a recent accomplishment, refer to it when feeling down, or bingey
  35. arrange photos in an album (real or online) or scrapbook
  36. go thru a old yearbook and look at the people who "were better"
  37. play a board game or sport with kids (siblings, nephew/niece) or friends
  38. tear paper into little bits, the smaller the bits the better. count the bits.
  39. try on clothes, a swimsuit
  40. wash your car, if you have one
  41. take a warm bath
  42. start a holiday/birthday shopping list
  43. check your email, usual website haunts
  44. create a mantra
  45. start a project
  46. do homework, or study any topic - even if not in school
  47. try meditation
  48. play solitaire
  49. sew a throw pillow - especially good if you do not already know how to sew!
  50. spritz on a body mist or light scented candles
  51. progressive relaxation -- tighten and release muscles
  52. organize big things (closet, room) or small things (knickknacks, bookshelf)
  53. dust a room, or a house!
  54. do gardening, sweeping, or other outside work
  55. stretch
  56. get crayons and a coloring book...
  57. fix something that is broken
**If nothing works and you feel awful and hungry and out of control, maybe you really should eat something. A slight set-back one day, must be better than a giant binge-fest!

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sadhana said...

I LOVE this. Printing it off now. Thank you.