Tuesday, May 25, 2010

back and fatter than ever!

It's been a long time, huh? I'm back to the weight I was when I first started this blog. Depressing... I'm trying a new angle on this weight loss thing. Healthy eating and exercise. riiiight....

Here's the logic: I'm HUGE. I live in a family of people who like to eat big quantities, often. We're all vegetarians....so me using that as an excuse....it just wouldn't work. I've gotten cornered into therapy -- with a guy who happens to have ed training... ummm coincidence? or maybe paranoia on my part. :(

I'm still counting calories. Getting about 1200 per day + a wee bit of exercise. Figure I'll up the exercise and see if I can lose some. Seems only time I "lose" weight is day after laxies. And that's not really lost weight, ya know?

So PLAN? Honestly...I dunno. Guess I'll try to steal a moment to log on now and then and post... weight? measurements? Gosh, haven't measured myself in forever! I did get some calipers a.k.a torture devices tho. So I'll break out the calipers, measuring tape, scales and notebooks and bmi charts and.... post.

Blogs ~ I've been reading Jo's blog and Poker face and a handful of others now and then. Haven't commented - haven't been able to log onto google...stupid lost password... But hey, maybe I'll be able to get a few words in here and there.

Youtube.... anyone watch "those" videos on youtube? Anyone have the experience of someone borrowing your computer... clicking into youtube... and seeing the incriminating "videos recommended for you"?

That's it for now - it's late at night here - so maybe I'll post again in the AM?

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Lisa said...

Welcome back :)
I watch loads of thinspo vids on youtube, they really help! You could create a new hotmail adress for yourself, that's what I did. An adress that no one know, so I can use it for youtube and blogger :) And when I'm done, I just change it back to my normal adress :)
xx Lisa