Tuesday, September 14, 2010

sizes and sighs

I was out with a skinny friend last night. We were walking past a rack of clothing and she stops and points out a pair of dress pants. She says "ugh, can you believe how huge these are? who would let themselves get like that!"

They were a size smaller than what I currently wear.


About halfway through the month and I'm down 1 pound exactly. Not where I'd hoped to be, but considering the impromptu trip and all the eating out, it's ok for now. Got some exercise today, but ate a lot. Hoping to get more exercise in tomorrow...not sure what just yet.


I have been reading a bunch of blogs, catching up on the last week. Not commenting much, I know ~ sorry.


Dylphe said...

what a bitch!!!! well at least you're doing something against it.
Stay Strong!!!

Lyndsay said...

I feel your pain. I hate when my "skinny" friends would say things like that, always upset me. But one day we'll both be the "skinny" friend and won't have to feel frustrated anymore.

Ana's Girl said...

*hugs* it's ok, don't listen to what she said. you know you're working on it,and soon enough you'll be thinner than her.