Sunday, October 17, 2010

dream.... nightmare?

Had a dream last night that I'd gone out for a ride on my bike. I was far away from home when the pedaling got difficult. I looked down at my bike and saw that it was collapsing in on itself. My weight was too much for the bike. I sat down on the curb next to my bike, trying to unbind and twist the metal back into shape when a man walking past saw me. He came over, looked at the bike, laughed, and... I woke up.

I have been eating crazy much and crazy bad (mostly sugar) for the last two days.



throughraindrops said...

sugary bad food is better than fatty bad food


Lyndsay said...

Have you tried artificially sweet things to cut some calories?

Stephanie said...

oh wow that's a strange dream, I'm sorry ):

but it'll be okay, just remember that tomorrow is a brand spanking new day to do whatever you want!
and we're all right behind you, if I saw you fall off your bike I'd pick you back up and give you a huge hug(:


Greene said...

I hate those kinds of dreams.
p.s we are the same person