Tuesday, May 24, 2011

new guidelines/goals & water

Yesterday.... 5/23: 191 lbs, 648 calories, some arm exercises with 10-lb weights.

Today: 189 lbs this morning. At 415 calories so far, and I'm expecting 555 total for today, assuming I don't mess up. I've got a group to go to and there is always loads of tempting finger foods. "Just one?"

My tentative goal for the end of May, which I'm still on track for despite some screw ups is... 186.2 lbs. I know, very...precise. (It's an average 0.4 lb loss per day).

Here's the current guidelines I've set for myself:
- Maintain less than 1000 calories consumed per day.
- Exercise when able. Weights are easy to do.
- Faster loss = more Summer glam
- Write down weights, calories when able.
- Don't be afraid to go to bed hungry.

(**Public Service Announcement**) Now... any of ya'll reading this - the weather is getting warmer, dehydration is no joke. The easiest way to screw up your body (and get found out) is to get sick or faint from dehydration. Water weight doesn't count. Stay equally hydrated day-to-day and drinking won't affect the number on the scale. True weight loss is from fat, not from water.

Stay happy.

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