Monday, July 12, 2010

back back back!

I'm back from vacation!

It was....okay. Sorta. Ate a ton and a half and hardly moved. Probably the most exercise I got was from turning the pages of my book. Okay, so I'm really lazy, I know it. Nothing new about that. I got a bit tan from doing a really pathetic attempt at swimming in the hotel pool. Nice to have pool access, but my dad's wallet is aching from the hotel costs - wish family would let us stay with them... I mean, we went out there to spend time with them! sheesh.  It's a pretty land-locked part of the country, but there is a lake. We all went out there. I put on and took off a swimsuit, settled for shorts and a tee. I think the skinnies must vacation at the coast, go to a beach or something. The fatties, hang out in the lake. Blending in with the other people around, I felt free to lay around and eat. Again, sheesh!

So this whole plan-thing, to weigh only 3x a month. I'm kinda dreading it now... I mean... I have 3 days until I'm "due". I think it's gonna be a gain.

In fact, I almost hope it's a gain. I didn't do anything consistently enough to deserve weight loss. But, regardless of how it turns out. I'm going to do better. I need to do better. Cause right now I feel like....dung.

So concrete plans...for change...for progress... I need to think about that.

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Ana's Girl said...

I don't care if you gained or lost, i'm very glad to have you back here! And a gain is totally understandable.. it seems to be what happens to us all when a vacation comes upon us. Just hang in there, and get back on the skinny train. You'll do just great.