Sunday, July 4, 2010

need a little accountability

I'm alone in the house for the next few hours.

Usually I would use this unmonitored time to methodically eat my way through the kitchen. Sometimes I would follow this with a nice, long vomit.

So for the moment, I'm just going to list what I've eaten so far today - with the hope it'll stop me, before I start!

Woke late, first meal:

18 blueberries
4 medium sized strawberries
1.5 c. lettuce w/ spicy brown mustard
1/4 orange
1 quart water with a Benefiber Orange packet
Calories: 530

Second meal:
1 veggie burger w/white bun
salad w/ 1 tablespoon dressing
3 oz. carrots
0.5 c. blueberries
Calories: 360

Total so far: 890 calories

After typing and adding all this, I've decided to eat some popcorn later on and bring it up to an even 1000 calories. I have also thought of a better use of my alone time... exercise!

I'm going to pop in a DVD. Then later clean up around the house.

P.S. Thanks Falling_Starlight for your comment! Good to know I'm not the only self-conscious person out there trying to exercise! My family also makes crude comments about strangers on appearances, fat/skinny, stupid, etc.

I had an indulgent bowl of popcorn with a little oil and some salt, then a bowl of cereal with milk. This brings my total calories for the day to approximately 1520. I'm very happy with that. Didn't go on a full-out binge, and I exercised a wee bit. At my size, I could lose weight eating that much.

The exercise attempt was... haha... yeahhh...

I spent more time getting the plastic wrap and security device stickers off the DVD than I spent using it! But workout dance DVDs are fun! I enjoyed the few minutes I did. Just got wheezy and had to stop.

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Ana's Girl said...

I always had the tendency of eating everything in sight when i was alone too. But you make a wonderful point: exercise is a much better use of that time. Keep up the good work, and keep on using those fun exercise DVDs nothing's better than exercise you can actually enjoy.