Saturday, July 3, 2010

i feel fat... but optimistic

I feel fat.

I can't see my toes. Literally.

I have NO clothes that look even halfway good on me.

It's freakin' summer and I'm still freakin' fat.

So... the plan:

I weighed/measured on the 1st. I'll do it again on the 15th and again on the 31st. And that's it. On no other day shall I step onto the scale. I'm a bit of a scale junkie, so I'm wagering that by taking the scale away, I will work harder to see a bigger difference from the 1st to mid-July and then to the end of the month.


222 lbs.

(all measurements in inches at widest parts)
42 bust
43 waist
49 hip
47 butt
15 upper arm
26.5 per thigh
16.25 per mid-shin
6.5 wrist


No starvation. But also no high calorie days. Keep calories above 1200 but below 1600. Eat somewhat intuitively, but balance calorie consumption with exercise. Spend less time sitting, more time moving. Get enough sleep per night. And plenty to drink. Limit sodium and cut off caffeine by 4pm. Write what I eat, how many calories. Be mindful ~ pay attention to what I'm eating as I'm having it, and also be sure I'm not emotional-eating. Ask, "is it worth the calories?" (It's usually not).


I've found that for me, thinking of calories in terms of cost helps. Example: 3 strawberries would cost me 25 calories out of 1400 for the day. Is it worth it? Definitely. Whereas a portion of fries would cost 400 calories, a big chunk of my daily expenditures! Not worth the cost at all!

Also going with the cost thing, I can search for the bargains. 3 strawberries for 25 calories are packed with flavor and nutrients, but won't fill me up. French Fries count as a starchy vegetable, but come with a bunch of fat and oil and salt. Might satiate my hunger at the moment, but I'm sure to be hungry later. For the price of the fries I could have the strawberries plus a giant veggie salad without dressing, air popped corn and a cup of soup!


I hate public exercising - I always feel soooo self conscious. Any one else feel that way?

This Summer I am going to exercise by: doing cardio and strength training in a community center/gym, walk around the neighborhood, find and ride a bike, and finally unwrap and use the workout DVDs I bought ages ago.

I plan/hope to do the gym three times a week (if I can get a ride, it's too far/ too many busy streets to walk) maybe work out at the gym MWF. And then 2-3 other days do light activity like walking, DVDs, biking, and other at home exercises. One day will be a total rest day. (but not a binge eat day!)

I would like to try some form of yoga.


Falling_Starlight said...

Yoga is so fun, that's a great choice! I read an article a few years ago about a woman who had weight issues and she went to a spa and theyhad a whole ton of healthy food for everyone to eat, plus mandatory yoga every morning at five AM. Then at the end of the week she'd lost 8 lbs!! I'm not sure if the article was true or not, but that's how I got into yoga. :)

But I really understand what you mean about hating exercising in public. It's just so embarassing because I always think people are looking at my legs or chubby chin and thinking "yeesh, what does she think she's doing? she's too fat to exercise." Then my fears were confirmed when my mother made a comment about a somewhat chubby woman going into a gym we were picking my brother up from. She said "at least she didn't go in eating a sub." I was appalled and said, once I was through being shocked, "why would you say that?" (I was thinking: 'how on earth can she think that about anyone, especially since she is nowhere near a normal weight herself?' Yeah my mom does nothing about her weight issues. At least that woman had the courage to get out and work for a better, healthier life.) Some people are just inconsiderate and rude, so ignore people! You are going to have a great summer, just keep believing in your plans!

Wow I wrote a lot. :P I think your plan will definitely work though--nothing is really drastic, and since you cam up with it, it can help you more than any purchased program probably ever would. :) And that's all I have to ramble on about....

Lisa said...

Good luck! :D