Wednesday, July 21, 2010



I've been feelin' great!

Though...tony the tiger also said he felt grrrrrreat after eating sugar frosted sugar

I have 10 more days until my end of the month weigh in... I keep wanting to cheat and see where my weight is.... :-0  I know. It's kinda lame... I feel like I'm making great progress...but I just don't know! *fingers crossed* Hope I'm 215 or less by july's end!

So... let's recap...

July 19: 1700 calories consumed. 2 trips to the gym. Burned 200 cardio calories the first trip, burned 50 the second with cardio and did an hour of weight lifting.

I felt strong.

July 20: 1765 calories consumed. 150 burned at the gym with cardio.

I felt achy and weak but determined.

July 21: (today!) 1625 calories consumed. No gym time - but some time hoofing it around the house.

I decided I should take the day off.

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Ana's Girl said...

I love that strong feeling you get after working out. Even the achiness feels good sometimes because it's proof that you accomplished something good. Keep up that good work, darling. You'll DEFINITELY see progress