Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mid-month weigh in!

This is it... July 15th. I actually didn't want to step on the scale today.

July 1st - 221.4

July 15th - 216.0
same measurement inches

WOW! I actually lost a few. 5 pounds - that's pretty reasonable for 2 weeks. Hope the scale's not lying... My end of July goal is "solidly under 215 lbs" - solidly meaning, not 214.9!''

So far today I have eaten cereal with milk - 135 calories. And iced peppermint tea with no calorie sweetener for zero cal. Just not really hungry. I'm sure I'll eat more later, probably get 1200 today.

Today I'm going to try to fix my bike. And go for a walk. Maybe I'll go to the gym later - if I can get a ride or if I'm ambitious enough to walk across town... It's not that it is impossibly far away, there's just so many streets to cross and no sidewalks, so it's...awkward.

I've got bruises all up and down my legs. Gotta figure out what that is about.

Okay - so I'm all hyped up about this weigh-in being LOWER than the first! Hopefully I'll be motivated to actually MOVE MY BODY in the last two weeks of July :)

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Kelly said...

5lbs is wonderful!! Congratulations!