Thursday, July 30, 2009


euhhh... I don't want to do this post! But i have to, cause i said i would.

Today was a high-sodium, high-calorie day.

Breakfast was three-fourths of a sandwich and half a cup of skim milk - 360
Lunch was soup and popcorn - 215
OK, fine, but then there was dinner... take out - 1350

So total calories for the day: 1925

At least it's under 2000...

And again, no exercise.

Plans for Tomorrow:
Strict 1500 calorie limit
No sleeping in
Must drink 7 bottles of water or sugar free drink
Exercise for at least 2 hours total


pokerface said...

oh okay I understand now. that'd be great :) you might want to check out my new post anyway... might find something interesting in there for you :P

good luck with today. yesterday wasn't so bad. you kept under 2000 cals which is an achievement :) the exercise gets me too... keep going, just keep picturing how good it will look when you reach your goal. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, you have tomorrow planned out, just stick with it!

Vee said...

Hey Samantha!

You'll be okay. Don't let the small setbacks get to you too much. As I said in a blog entry the other day, it's only small battles but in the end you'll be the winner in your personal war against weight =]

Tomorrow will be a bad day for me so I totally empathize. Lots of hugs! xxxx

heather[hunger] said...

everyone has bad days.
some people *points to self* have bad weeks, or months.
you can do it :] stick with your plan for tomorrow :]]
stay strong <333