Friday, July 31, 2009


6:30 AM - I'm going for a run.

haha yeah right... I don't actually run, I do some sort of awkward stumbling nearly falling thing, and then I give up and walk.

So, if you don't hear from me, you can assume my ankles have collapsed in upon themselves, and I'm lying in a heap on some sidewalk somewhere.

Or that I've been abducted by aliens.

Or eaten by wolves. I'd make a wonderful meal.

Or snatched by some guy who has been hiding in the bushes and waiting ever so long.

Or that I had a bad encounter with duct tape. And lost.

Or I got hungry and ate my bread crumb trail and couldn't find my way back.

Or a giant robot cat attacked me, like out of some bad anime. And I got fried by their laser eyes.

Or I happened across a tear in the space time continuum and :::

Or I gave up on life and made a home out of a refrigerator box in an old alley.

Or I spontaneously decided to get a degree in marine biology.

Or I took a fall, hit my head, and forgot who I was.

Or perhaps I decided to take my vegetarianism to a new extreme and eat only what the land (um, neighborhood) has to offer. In which case that pie you left to cool in your windowsill...

After rereading this I have decided to sleep first, then run.


Vee said...

This post is made of win! Also, I "run" the same way. Which is exactly why I don't run at all.

Hope you get some sleep! xx

Ana's Girl said...

Haha. I love this post. So randomly funny. Definately get some rest.

heather[hunger] said...

your so awesome.

Anonymous said...

i love running.
and wow, you have a lot of options of reasons as to why you didnt come back. if i were to choose one, i would accept you being abducted by aliens,
because that would just be cool :)

Dot said...

haha! You are so funny! I love your blog <3

I hope your run went well and you had a beautiful day
; )
Stay strong <3

sadhana said...

You sound so bored! Funny girl <3