Monday, July 27, 2009


First - YAY! I HAVE READERS! Thanks ya'll!

So I totally changed my mind. Long as I'm careful, nobody I know will find this. (hope i'm right)

Here's some stats/goals to let you all know how far I've let things slip out of control.

HW: 245 freakin pounds.
LW: 140 (eh, OK)
CW: *uck*
UGW: 110 (i'm a dreamer LOL)

Gawd, i just looked it up and i'm technically obese. Phuket. Least I'm tall :P

So here's my goals:
GW 1: 195 (under 200!)
GW 2: 180 (my weight couple years ago)
GW 3: 170
GW 4: 155
GW 5: 140 (my lowest ever as an adult)
GW 6: 130!
GW 7: 120
GW 8: 110

Eight steps...think i can do it???

For those who are wondering...
I am pro-ana, but i have yet to really experience that. Mia however, i know and fear. (put it this way, I had a lotta sore throats as a kid) I consider myself not ana/mia due to my overweightedness. I'm planning a 1500 calorie diet at first, starting tomorrow. b/c my knowledge of nutrition tells me that it's ridiculous to try to maintain a rapid weight loss when we're talking about 100 pounds. simply put, i'll restrict as needed. Cause when i lose this weight, I wanna keep it off. Also I eat every meal with family. yikes.

I've got a wealth of nutrition and calorie information knocking around in my head. If anyone ever has questions of that sort just ask in comments.


Yum said...

Mia is a bitch. Kick her to the curb!

Technically, if you have disordered eating behaviors but aren't underweight, you're classified EDNOS. Or you would be if I was a doctor, which I'm not, but you get the idea.

Good luck with your weight loss! Keep up the good work!

Ana's Girl said...

I'm with Yum; Mia sucks... And in all honesty, so does Ana (but i love her anyway). Your way of losing weight is much healthier and better for you. Keep with that, and i'm sure you'll get down to much lower than your low weight.