Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I'm going to run out of things to write about!

So I did pretty damned awful today. I didn't exercise, i was literally at the computer all day. I did drive to a couple places but didn't walk much (for some reason when i spend alot of time in the car I think i've like exercised that day, I guess just based on the distance i've travelled). LAME-O. haha

Oh my. I amuse myself. How sad.

Food-wise: skipped breakfast; had some greens with dressing and nuts for lunch; then on impulse i wolfed down ~1100 calories worth of chips; got peckish around 3pm and had a popsicle (40 cal); then steamed veggies with rice, a slice of garlic toast, more salad with dressing, and lots of butter in the rice (totally unnecessary). So...adding...

Lunch - 250
Junk food - 1140
Dinner - 675
Total calories for the day = 2065+

*makes weird gargling noise with throat*

It's a bit disappointing as this was my first day and it absolutely failed. Tomorrow's a new day...

Tomorrow morning I'm planning to weigh and measure. I may post measurements simply for accountability, but i'll warn ya'll in the title so you can avoid looking. (last i knew my hips were around 50")


belle svelte said...

you know, it's a pleasant coincidence =) i love using that word. honestly, i can't even say lame anymore cuz the one-syllable thing just doesn't work for me. anyway.

good luck, you can totally do this. it's nice to dream about our ultimate goal weights (we have the same dream) and we'll get there one day. one day =)


Dot said...

You should never feel self conscious about posting stats and stuff on here darling <3 We are here because we want to support you! ; ) Not to judge you or make fun of you.
Don't feel too bad about today. It was your first day and I'm sure you'll do beautifully tomorrow <3
I love people who post all the time too! It will make you be more accountable also.
I think the 8 steps you mentioned in your earlier post sounds really good too. And starting with 1500 is probably smart since you need to train your body down. So having something lower than normal, but still doable will keep you from bingeing ; )

Stay strong! I know you can reach your goals! <3