Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I don't know what my deal is! I go like years without having any interest in eating junk food, and now that i'm fed up and ready to lose this weight, I can't keep my paws off of it! (I say "paws" here b/c I always envision myself as a big bumbling bear. Also, I tend to hibernate during the winter!) Anyway, back to reality, *whew* I've eaten the worst food the past couple weeks. There was yesterday's 1200 calorie junk-food-incident... sorry this is getting ranty and pointless >.>

Today isn't so bad, I had a 100 calorie popscicle that i neither needed nor wanted (so why'd I eat it???) But dinner is pizza. yikes. I don't like pizza, but it's one of those foods I eat obsessively...

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Ana's Girl said...

I so know what you mean. You have no problem avoiding junk food until you really want/need to. Then it becomes the best sounding thing in the world. It sucks, but ignore it long enough and the craving should go away. Stay strong!