Thursday, August 19, 2010

Food Log & Calories

What I ate today:

1 cup chocolate drink
1 banana
1 sugar free jolly rancher
1 veggie burger w/bun, ketchup, mustard.
~1-2 cups lettuce w/ 2T. lite dressing
~0.5 oz. chips
~10 dill pickle chips
at least 64 oz. water/herbal tea

Total calories: 700-800

1 comment:

embre said...

wow you did really good today! i keep trying eat more, smaller things throughout the day but i always end up binging lol.
stay strong

p.s. this is gonna sound stupid but whats chocolate drink? is it sort of like yoohoo? and how many cals is it? im obsessed with chocolate (i stick my nose in our bag of chocolate chips throughout the day just to smell it lol) im always looking for different things taht will cure my chocolate cravings.