Tuesday, August 24, 2010

weights & school

Weight Update: 
Aug 20 - 213.6
Aug 21 - 212.6
Aug 22 - 211.6
Today - 211.2

I haven't been very good about counting calories or exercising every day, but at least I'm not gaining! I've had some even spells and some minor ups and downs tho.

I've started college ... summer's over :(

I'm only taking a few, so it's not so bad, but one of my required classes is a health one. Today, we had a general fitness testing. If it'd been things like sprints or lifting weights I'd have been fine with it. But instead it was very public BMI testing with calipers, stats written on a whiteboard... I asked to be excused from the exercise, but it was a grade so... imagine the skinny girl in class measuring my back fat with a flimsy caliper, then asking the professor if she's doing it right, because she can't get a reading, then the professor coming over and saying, oh well the calipers dont work on all body types. Ya, I know... dont work on obese people. Arrgh... So I'm the only fatty in the class. Everyone else is normal and crap.

So, aside from the obvious fact that I'm obese...
I have noticed when I lie down and stretch out there is a gap between my hip and my first fat roll. I think I might *gasp* actually have a waist in there somewhere!

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