Friday, August 13, 2010

stats of the day

Weight: 212.4  o.O
Calories: 805
Water: not enough
Physical: back hurts, but I feel strong
My Day: very busy, lots of driving, sleepy afternoon
Exercise: active during day, no real good exercise
Mental: Jazzed :)
Food: got some protein, some veg, some calcium and iron. No junk food today except 2 breath mints (they hardly count as junk).

Thanks for all the comments on the last couple posts! I know I had a long blogging hiatus (or two) and a bunch of ya'll lost interest - sorry 'bout that! Gonna try to update more often and NOT lose my password again! :D  Dot, Sadhana, Rabbit - you all are wonderful, terrific people... and you all leave great comments!


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