Sunday, August 15, 2010

Stats and Questions for you all

Weight: 213.4 (+2 since yesterday)
Too much food.

Calories: 1198
I think I will set a goal to stay under 1200 cal/day. See if I can lose weight on that, then inch my way down. It's ridiculously hard to lose weight in a house where meals and snacks are so common and so often done together. My mom likes big portions. When she doesn't feel well she eats junk food, and expects me to pile on the chips right along with her!

Exercise: Some walking, nearly a mile. Burned about 70 calories. I'm going to buy a pedometer, learn to use it, wear it, and record the data from it each day. That way I can set goals in terms of # of steps per day.

  • I added some stuff to the side, I keep changing my blog layout. Do you all think I should add a blog roll? What do you all think of the side bar now? Am I missing something?

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