Monday, August 16, 2010

ughh....stats for the day

Late last night I got so freakishly upset over nothing that I couldn't stop crying, so all of today I felt draggy and sleepy and lazy.

Weight: 215.4 (+2 from yesterday)
It's to be expected, I just wish I could pick a caloric value and stick with it, so my scale numbers wouldn't be all over the place.

Calories Today: 1100
Eaten Foods List: cheerios, soy drink, lettuce, 1T light dressing, V8 drink, banana, popcorn w/oil, veg burger (patty, bun, ketchup, mustard), 1c. fruit, chocolate soy drink.

It's less food than I've had in the past, and about the same calories as yesterday, so hopefully the stupid scale won't keep creeping up. On a positive note, I have located my hip bones! It's not like they're anywhere close to being visible, but at least now I can tell they exist and my leg's not just glued on with fat! :)

I love lying flat on my back, and feeling for hips/ribs. I just love it. Lying down, stretched out, I can almost picture myself skinny, even though I'm still 80+ lbs from skinny :-P

Anyone else do that, or am I just a weirdo? lol


sadhana said...

I do that every morning and every night :) And the fact that your legs aren't "glued on by fat" makes me smile :)

Keep up the good work!

embre said...

i do it every morning. i cant do it at night because im usually bloated all to hell lol.its fun because the further you go down in weight the more bones you find, like a hidden treasure hunt for your body lol
stay strong