Thursday, August 19, 2010

inches and pounds and grains

Weight today and yesterday 214.2 lbs

Yesterday was very very bad. Left alone in the house for the day I thought "great, I can eat nothing and no one will notice" instead I ate bread and butter and more bread and pasta. It was really awful. So I was surprised this morning to see my weight is *exactly* the same as yesterday morning. Maybe the scale is just taking pity? will show me the real weight tomorrow?

So I measured everywhere, I figured at about halfway through the month, I should measure again. There were no gains! Here's the losses, in inches:
-0.5 from bust
-0.5 from waist
-1 from butt
-0.5 from thigh

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sadhana said...

Awesome on the losses!

I read somewhere once that it takes your body a couple of days to digest food do your real weight from what you have eaten isn't reflected until two days after you eat it. That is to say, if you see any weight gain, you will see it tomorrow.

I don't know how true this is.. I have not really found it to be true in my experience? I just know that I KNOW I'm in the clear if there is no weight gain the following two days.