Saturday, August 8, 2009


Interesting, a lot of you all enjoy dizziness too!

As a side note, I no longer cut or pop pills, I quit that about a year ago, and I guess whatever you'd call what I'm doing now is replacing that. I have to have a little craziness in my life!

I'm doing well today. I'm going to have a hot chocolate with added milk, so 50 calories so far today. I'll write more later.


Anonymous said...

Woo hoo, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Good job girl! You are doing awesome :)

heather[hunger] said...

aaahhh freaking awesome i looooove hot chocolate :)))
your doin so well omg when you get dizzy you know your doin it right :)

Anonymous said...

im exactly the same, dont cut or use anymore, this is a replacement