Sunday, August 9, 2009


Lovin' the comments ya'll!

I've still reading some of your blogs (not as many as I'd like to) and commenting on maybe 1 out of 4? Yah, I know, I suck. I'll do better! But, thanks, for reading and commenting on mine! I'll get to yours...eventually. :-/

Calories for the day...UGGCCCKKKKHHHHH.
Seriously, two family sit-down meals in one day?
Breakfast - 600
Lunch - 1/2 sandwich & carrots with mustard *grin* - 150
Drink mix - 5
Dinner - 680
Dessert - 550!
Total Calories: ~1985

It's about double what I wanted to eat. How do you all get away with not finishing everything on your plate? I live in a "every dinner meal eaten with family" and "must clear your plate" home. And know, my immediate + extended family is overweight/obese and not at all athletic. I mean, remember the "let's split this pie into 6 pieces" thing? So how do I do it? How do I get away with not clearing my plate? Any opinions are welcome.



Flushed said...

Wish I had some worthwhile advice for ya Sweets but I can't even control myself! I'm a plate cleaner. Boo Me!

Ana's Girl said...

Lol. Carrots with mustard. Reading "Wasted" huh? I love it. I wish i knew how to get away with not cleaning my plate. I have the same problem with my family. Or i did until i went vegeterian. Now i don't even eat with them anymore because i don't eat the same things that they do. Maybe you could try that, if they'll let you.

Dot said...

Put less food on your plate, keep a napkin in your lap and when no one's looking put food in it, say you have to do an assignment and take the food to your room and throw it away, become vegetarian/vegan....if you know you have to eat a meal with the family maybe you could offer to cook? That way you could make healthy low cal stuff. Or if you know you have to eat with the family, make that the only meal you eat. I hope you find an idea that works! I really feel bad for you having to live at home : / But I'm sure you will find a way to keep losing weight. You really have been doing so amazing ; )
Stay strong <3

Anonymous said...

i cant think of anything more than dot said, can u tell them u are trying to be healthy?

Nic said...

Dot has excellent advise. I personally love turkey and fish and couldn't go vegetarian so I would just not eat and make dinner my only meal along with a small breakfast and then put small portions on my plate.

I'm sorry to hear that about your family. Thats how my extended family is so if I see them if I don't eat everything on a plate they would think I was crazy. Luckily for me its my extended family. I don't live home and when I do I can eat dinner wherever. Goodluck =)

Anonymous said...

Dot is pretty much got the only advice there is. The only other thing I can think of is to put your own portions on your plate. Small portions, yet still looking normal so you dont feel AS guilty. Sorry babe, thats a tough situation! <3

Anonymous said...

Do you get to fix your own plate or is your food plated for you? If you take your own food, just take less. If someone comments, tell them you are trying to be healthy and take proper portion sizes. Bone up on "normal" portions here..

Falling_Starlight said...

A really good thing to do, that I know for sure works (if you can do it without anyone seeing) is to eat one half of a baked potato (55 cal)--or even a whole one if your plans allow it (110)--and eat out the inside while keeping the skin whole. Don't eat the skin of it, because you can turn it upside down and cover other food with it!!! :D

I did that and I hid three fourths of a chicken breast (cut up veeerrrrry tiny) and some other stuff under there too. And you just have to make sure you clean off your own plate so no one sees all the food going from your plate into the trash. :)

(Cutting up all your food very small, and getting up often to use the bathroom or get a drink re-fill takes time that everyone else will be using to stuff their faces, so they won't notice you not taking second helpings.)

pokerface said...

I've been pretending to finish meals since I was like... 7. Purely because I'm so picky haha. You could always simply say you don't like a certain food and leave it on your plate. Cut everything up. Push it around, move it all to one side. Eat the lowest cal thing on your plate. Hide things in tissues. Offer to clear the plates so you can scrape what's left of yours into the bin without someone else getting to stare at your plate. Simply say you're NOT hungry. Politely, they'll get used to it. As long as they see you eating a decent amount they have no reason to complain, and no right to force you. It's all been done before, you just have to be sly about it :) good luck x