Monday, August 3, 2009


These are exercises you can do at home with only a set of dumbells. But first, post-workout food. To burn fat, start with stretching, then weight training, then do mostly cardio, followed by some optional easy stretching. Post-workout, eat 3/4 cup of plain, low fat yogurt with either a bit of granola or half a tablespoon of honey. The yogurt + honey is gonna cost you approx. 130 calories. And the protein + carb combination is thought to spike up fat burning post-workout. Now for exercises:

  • Lunge while holding a weight in each hand, as you stand back up pull the weights to armpits.
  • Lunge while holding a weight in each hand. Curl both arms up, keeping elbows tucked in. Pause 4 seconds and lower arms. Return to standing position and repeat, alternating legs. Works lower body + biceps.
  • For shoulders: Balance on one leg, knee bent at 90 degree angle, at hip height. Tighten abs to maintain balance. With a weight in each hand, stretch both arms out to sides, parallel to floor, palms down. Pause and lower arms. That's one rep. Alternate raised leg.
  • Stand with a weight in each hand, curl arms up towards shoulders, then alternating, extend arms as though in a punch.
  • Lie on your back on the floor, bring knees to chest, and in a fluid motion move legs/feet as though pedaling a bicycle in the air.
  • For triceps: Lie flat on back, knees bent, feet flat on the ground. With a weight in each hand, press arms above chest. Keeping upper arms still, bend elbows 90 degrees, lowering the weights towards the floor behind your head. Then straighten arms for one rep.
Any of these unclear? Just ask.


pokerface said...

Aw it was no problem :) yeah Brooke's just started but she left me a lovely comment and hey, everyone's voice deserves to be heard. Especially the lovely ones. ^_^ hope you're gettin on well dear. Thanks for the exercise tips, I'm actually going to keep your post open and follow them tomorrow :) I don't have weights though, so I just use some really heavy dictionaries... seems to be working for me. Weight loss, the nerd's way! haha

Nic said...

I've been following your blog for while just need to comment more. I absolutely love your blog and all of the advise you provide, it means a lot =)