Monday, August 3, 2009


- Brooke is just starting her blog, as of today.
- L has been posting since July, she's got thinspiration pics up!
- Amber is a first time poster, long time reader.
- OBEEZA has a few posts currently. She posts short and sweet and has a very clean looking blog. You know what I mean?

Blogs I'm diggin':
- Sunny has an eclectic sort of blog that is just...very interesting.
- Lola's blog is awesome! It's so pretty~ I love the purple text on black :-D
- Dot's blog is da bomb (pardon my playground language). Seriously, her blog is so amazing! (I'm a

Alright, that's all the posting I have in me for right now. I have run out of words!


sorry_i_can't_be_perfect said...

heya just wanted to say the exercises in yuor last post were really helpful.i could really use the tricep ones, my arms are FAT,lol
ps..maybe you could mention me in your blog?
i could use some more followers, :)

Anonymous said...

hey .. thanks for the shoutout. i like the exercises you posted ..
my favorite routine is

500 jumping jacks
500 crunches
10 min. stretching
300 reps w/4 lb weights
& random elliptical/running

hope you are well :)