Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Aw, thanks ya'll. LOVE the comments!

I woke up hungry and unattended this morning. So I had my oatmeal & milk (235) eating no more than a teaspoon at a time, very slowly. Still hungry. I paced nervously around the kitchen. Opened the fridge. Leftovers. Pizza. Lasagna. Potato Salad. Shredded cheddar cheese. Just a bit? No. I stood entranced at the pantry. Potato chips. Tortilla chips. I could melt the cheddar on those! Cheese crackers. Little Debbie cakes. No. I could make dozens of peanut butter sandwiches and... NO.

I ate two-thirds of a cup of blueberries (90).
Still hungry.
An apple (110) diced into little bits that I ate one by one.
Brother is home.
435 calories.
Disaster averted.


Anonymous said...

its a sneaky thing.
way to stay a step ahead of the game. :)

Dot said...

yay! That's wonderful! I totally do that too, like go through everything and think of how I would eat it ect but then stop myself!
Wonderful job today! That's so awesome! <3

Ana's Girl said...

Oh wow you did such a great job. You're so strong. Keep up the good work.

sadhana said...

I am impressed. Good job!

heather[hunger] said...

oh my god the anticipation to read to the end of this blog almost killed me it was like a horror film no dont do it!!!
yay for you :D were all happy that you didnt binge yay!!!
stay strong <333