Monday, August 3, 2009


28 FOLLOWERS! ~ no way.

Question for ya'll: When I post the specific foods I have eaten - is that bad for you, good, or you just don't care? I know I was reading someone's blog once and they mentioned a dessert and I was like "omg...i have to eat that now". So I'm trying to be careful not to trigger anyone into binge mode, but it's also helpful to me to have a sort of food I dunno. Let me know your opinion via comments!

I was a bit more active today, nothing spectacular but I was on my feet a bit more. I'm going to do some simple weight and stretching exercises later. I swear I'd be a couple inches taller if I'd just stretch!

So let's look at my weight the past four days...
Friday it was ***.
Saturday I was 3.5 pounds down.
Sunday I was up 2 pounds.
Today I am down half a pound.

I don't think I've EVER had two consistent weigh-ins in a row. I'm constantly up and down. So my hope is tomorrow I'll be down, or even the same weight.

Calories for the day: 1360

I'll post more in a bit. I think I'll post some do-at-home exercises...


Anonymous said...

hey, it doesnt bother me but maybe u could use the title as a warning if u think it does bother some?

throughraindrops said...

writing about your intake doesnt bother me i tend to only skim over peoples intake looking for any good low cal ideas

my weight jumped around up and down for months never did i have 2 days the same the last few weeks though it has been consistent going down a bit maintain go down a bit

be consistent with your effort and it should level out


heather[hunger] said...

i like knowing what the other people eat lol it helps me know if im doing it right i guess lol

Ana's Girl said...

i like knowing what other people eat. I can almost feel full just by hearing that someone else ate something. Maybe i'm just weird. Idk. Haha

Samantha said...

thanks for your feedback :)

Any other opinions are still welcome.